The Comedy of Errors questions and answers for class xi

 The comedy of Errors 

                 by William Shakespeare 

Broad Questions and Answers .

1. Who was Aegeon ? How did he arrive at Ephesus ? What happened when he was brought before the  Duke ?      1+2+2=5 

Answer :  Aegeon was an old merchant of Syracuse.

# He was returning home along with his wife , twin sons and twin slaves from Epidamnum in  a ship . Suddenly , they faced a violent storm . Aegeon, alongside his son younger Antipholus and younger slave Dromio , was isolated from  his wife and elder son. After  spending  seven years  a frantic desire  grew  in heart to find his lost wife  and both  sons .In the course of his searching  he incidentally landed at Ephesus .

# After being spotted   in Ephesus , Aegeon was brought before the duke  There he learnt that the law of Ephesus stated that he would be put to death unless he paid a thousand mark as ransom of his life .After hearing his tale the duke felt pity for him.

2. How did Aegeon find find out all his family members  ?   5 

Answer:   Aegeon came to Ephesus in search of his younger son   .He was arrested  there . He was  asked to pay a thousand marks as ransom of his left to escape death sentence . Failing to pay it , he was being taken to the place of execution bedside a nunnery , There he accidentally came to meet both his lost twin sons .It came to pass that the abess of the  nunnery was none other than his  long lost wife . In this way through a series  of baffling incidents that  took place  for the identical appearance of his two sons and their identical servants , Aegeon finally got reunited with his family member s.

3. What made  Aegeon land at Ephesus  ? What danger did he face ,there  ?    3+  2= 5 

Answer :   Aegeon ,  an old merchant of   Syracuse  , was  returning home along with  his mwife , twin sons and twin slaves from Epidamnum in a  ship . Suddenly , they faced  a violent storm . Aegeon  his son younger Antipholus and younger slave Dromio  ,  was isolated from his wife and elder son.  After  spending seven  years , a frantic desire  grew  in his  heart  to find  his lost  wife and both sons . In the course of his searching , he  ,incidentally   landed at Ephesus .

# After being spotted in Ephesus , Aegeon was brought before the  Duke . There he learnt  that the law  of  Ephesus  stated that he would be put to  death unless he paid a ,thousand marks as ransom of  his life .

4 .  Write the funniest  episodes in " The Comedy of Erros "   5

Answer : Elder  Antipholus or Antipholus of Ephesus was  denied entry   into his  own  house mainly because of  identical error  . Actually  , Antipholus  of Syracuse  , Who was  mistaken  as Antipholus  of Ephesus , was  relishing dinner . So , Adriana  thought that while her  own husband was dining with her , she  would not allow any body to disturb  their feast . Like wise , she   had  instructed the  sevants to restrict  admittance  of  the strangers  to her  house . Again , the  very  presence of the similar figure did not rouse any suspicion in her mind . This is one of the  funniest episodes i " The Comedy of Errors".

    5. What  was the law that [prevailed in Emphesus ? What did the D.uke say to Aegeon When  he became  a  victim  of law ?  2+3=5 

Answer : The law that  prevailed in Ephesus was that if any  merchant of  Syracuse  was seen   in Ephesus  , he would be put to death unless he .paid  one   thousand  mark as  ransom .

#  When Aegeon was brought before the  duke , he plainly stated  the prevailing rule . Being asked the reason of roaming  in Ephess , Aegeon narrated the  whole  story . He  also added that  he was not  afraid   ,to die . On hearing  the touching  tale , the Duke was deeply  moved . Instead of  putting  him an instant  sentence , he gave  Aegeon  one day to gather  fine ,Again , The Duke admitted that he was unable to change the prevalent law  although he  felt empathy for  him

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