English grammar for ssc , wbcs psc ptet ctet cet etc .

 Voice change 

1. Ray  called the police. 

Answer : The police  was called by Ray.

2. Anu was singing a song .

Answer :A song was being sung by Anu

3. She is writing a letter. 

Answer : A letter is being written by her.

4. I have seen  a tiger.

Answer : A tiger has been seen by me.

5. Do it .

Answer : let it be done. 

6 . Few girls can resist flattery . 

Ans : Flattery can be resisted by few girls .

7. Then I made a mistake .

Ans: Then a mistake  was made by me .

8. My voice startled her . 

Ans: She was startled by  my voice. 


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